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Olive Amar Stylish & Affordable Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Long Battery LifeAmar Mobile
Amar Battery

Gupshup, Gappey ya phir Meethi baatein, sab chalti jayein jaise Olive Amar. With a super strong battery of 1800mAh that lasts for 25 days, the Olive Amar makes sure it goes on and on and on...

Dual T FlashDual T Flash

The Olive Amar comes with a Dual T Flash feature that allows you to access 2 Flash cards simultaneously. This feature makes transferring data from 2 Flash cards extremely convenient as opposed to other mobile phones which have only one Flash card slot.

Dual SIMDugni Baat
Do SIM Ke Saath

Laabh uthaiye Dual Sim ka, Phone ek, mazaa Double ka. With a cool Dual Sim feature, Olive Amar gives you the benefits of using Dual Sims on one mobile phone. Take advantage of multiple mobile operators and talk with freedom.

Social NetworkingSocial Networking

Yaari dosti, facebook, twitter; Aab aapke haathon mein. The Olive Amar Dual Sim Mobile phone comes with social networking out of the box. Be it Facebook status updates or twitter tweets, you can do them all with the Olive Amar Dual Sim mobile phone.

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OliveAmar V-G 3300 Mobile Phone - Image Gallery

Video RecordingVideo Recording

Aab videos banana hai aasaan. The Olive Amar's 1.3MP camera allows you capture moving pictures and memories so that you can watch them later and remember the good times.

Music PlayerMusic Player

Sunoo aapni choice ke gaane kahin bhi, kabhi bhi. Olive Amar Dual SIM mobile comes with a music player which gives you freedom to play all your favourite tracks on the move.

SpeakerBada Speaker Jaandar Awaaz

Using a powerful and loud speakerphone, the Olive Amar allows more than one person to listen to the conversation. Also allows you to rest your hand during those long conversations.


Kum roshni mein de aapka saath , Olive Amar ka torch. This phone comes with a nifty torch that casts away the fear of darkness with its strong and powerful light.


Photos, Videos ya phir gaane, asani se share karo..bluetooth ke saath. With Olive Amar's Bluetooth feature, it's easy to transfer your favourite stuff to your friend's mobile phone or your computer.

SD CardChota Mobile Badi Memory

With a memory expandable upto 4GB, the Olive Amar come across as a power packed Dual SIM mobile phone which can store all of your favourite stuff.

Mobile CameraCamera

Haseen Yaadon ko qaid kar lo, har lamha har raang, Olive Amar ke saang. Use the Olive Amar's powerful 1.3MP camera to capture memories which are both timeless and beautiful.

FM RadioFM Radio

Gaana bajana kahin bhi, kabhi bhi. Chahe woh cricket ho, Bollywood tarka, ya phir manpasand gaane. Listen to your favourite radio station, cricket news or Bollywood buzz anytime anywhere. Also you can record the songs you like or use the Olive Amar's FM as an alarm clock.