Olivepwrr vg-200 30 Days standby time

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What takes the cake with this phone is its battery. Rated at 30 days standby This 2000mAh battery really did not disappoint. A great device for the price. One of the best keypads in dual SIM phones to date.

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May 18, 2010
The phone is quite an all-rounder in terms of functionality. It houses pretty much everything you’d want for in a touch screen phone. If you are among the few who hold connectivity and easy communication...

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Feb 26, 2010
Score : 8 /10
One of the best features of the Olivepwrr is its battery. It is simply fantabulous!! The 2000 mAh battery stayed on for a bit more than three days on heavy usage…

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Feb 15, 2010
The 2.2” TFT touch interface is surprisingly responsive and leaves no room for complaints about lag time. The device’s extended battery life despite heavy usage ought to put a lot of handsets that are out in the market to shame. OlivePwrr V-G200 Dual SIM Handset Worth Every Penny
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April 3, 2010

Olive Pwrr Long battery life & Dual SIM Mobile

Huge Battery life – Still cursing your phone’s feeble battery life? Never get disconnected due to a low battery again. With the Olive V-G200 pwrr you get an astounding 30 day battery standby time.  Let the conversations never stop.  It’s a marathon runner, truly long lasting.
Dual SIM Dual Standby – Two is always better than one.  Multiply your productivity by two. Two Numbers, one phone. The Olive V-G200 pwrr does it all.
Touch Screen with Drag and Drop – Rule by your touch. With its state of the art Drag And Drop interface, customize your phone. Because it’s about your touch, it’s about you.
Digital Camera –Capture special memories forever.  Click anytime anywhere with its digital camera and share with your friends and loved ones.
Digital Video and Audio Player – Boredom is a thing of the past. The Olive V-G200 with its Digital Video and Audio Player blows your blues away.  Your portable Entertainment in one sleek clamshell GSM phone.
Expandable Memory Up to 4GB – Now your pictures, videos and music follow you wherever you go. With its huge expandable memory of 4GB, never leave behind anything.
Webcam – Missing your near and loved ones or need to attend that meeting?  Distances pose no problems. The Olive V-G200’s webcam allows you have video conferences Anytime Anywhere. It’s as good as being there.
2.2" (5.59 cms) TFT – Enjoy your videos and photos in bright colors. The Olive V-G200’s 2.2" (5.59 cms) TFT LCD screen delights with it’s true to life reproduction of you favorite videos and pictures.
GPRS/WAP/MMS – The Olive V-G200 loves being social. You can update your social status on Twitter, Facebook,  Orkut and even check your emails. Power of the internet, now in your pocket. With the Olive V –G200, you are connected Anytime Anywhere.
Bluetooth with A2DP Support – Break free from messy and ugly wires. Enjoy your audio with freedom by pairing your favorite Bluetooth headsets. The Olive V-G200 touch makes wires disappear. Simple and uncomplicated.
Bluetooth Remote Control – The Olive V-G200 makes you the King. With its inbuilt Bluetooth remote control, command other Bluetooth enabled devices though the comfort of your phone.  The Master of Bluetooth, The Olive V-G200.

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