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Olive VG - 8000 Qwerty Mobile

Look what the Gadget Gurus are saying about the Olivemsgr mobile phone:

The Olive Msgr V-G8000 holds its own when evaluated on price-to-performance or price-to-feature ratio. In both these aspects, the phone emerges as a good contender for honours in the wallet-friendly,
entry-level segment for mobile phones in the Indian market.
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Mar 24, 2010
All in all, for the price tag it carries, the device is quite good. It’s strongly built and is quite sturdy. It looks quite appealing, mimicking a smartphone minus functionalities. A decent battery life...

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Feb 25, 2010
Score : 7 /10
If you are someone who doesn't believe in spending a huge amount on cell phones but crave to hold a beauty in your hand, Olive's V-G8000 is for you. This entry-level handset that comes from one of the new mobile handset manufacturers in India, has an executive feel...
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Feb 19, 2010
The V-G8000 Olivemsgr mobile phone from Olive is an amazing handset which is loaded with wide array of features. The wide 2.2 inches of TFT LCD screen in the phone offers excellent viewing experience...

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Feb 10, 2010

OliveMsgr (Messenger) QWERTY Mobile Phone

Quick Action QWERTY - Two thumbs are always better than one. Type at the speed of light, thumbing the longest gossip in a matter of seconds. SMS ka Baadshah!! Thumbs Away.
Wide 2.2”(5.59 cms) TFT LCD - Do you have to squint with smaller mobile screens?  Not anymore.  Enjoy the widescreen experience with the 2.2”( 5.59 cms) TFT LCD.
Massive 400 hour standby - Can’t find your charger again? Well you won’t need it too much. With the ultra long battery, talk endlessly with freedom.
FM Radio - Bollywood Hits, HipHop or Trance, stay entertained on the move and never miss out the latest music with the Olive V-G8000 msgr.
Store upto 250 SMS  - The SMS Baadshah has a big appetite. You can store 250 SMS. There isn’t an excuse for forgetting conversations anymore.
Loud Ringtones - Never miss a call even when in noisy traffic. The Olive Messager gets your attention with its Crystal clear speaker and it’s amazing ringtones.
Calender, Alarm and  Calculator - The Olive V-G8000 Messager allows you to Uncomplicate your life by keeping track of important dates, making sure you are on time evertime and becomes your own handy calculator too. If only it could get you breakfast…
Funky Colours - Available in Black, Blue & Orange. So what colour are you?

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Olivemsgr Mobile specifications

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