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OliveFluid V-W1 - Android Mobile Phone

"Friends, Fun, Internet just a touch away, Whenever, wherever you are..."

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All said and done, getting that big a display (HVGA resolution) at a sub-Rs 8,000 price is pretty much unheard of in the Indian market.

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April 25, 2011

An attractive device, the Olive Fluid sports a brilliant display and comes with loads of features and connectivity options.

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April 26, 2011

Big Screen, Low Price
What marks the Fluid out from other low priced Android handsets the fact that it packs in a rather large display...a stack of connectivity options (3G, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi)...a surprising battery life...a six month subscription of Zenga TV.

May 4, 2011
The Economic Times

The OliveFluid is a symbiosis of technology and design in motion. Packed with Google’s Android OS , 3G, Wi-Fi, Email, Social Networking and many more features make it one of the Best Android Phones in India. Discover technology and simplicity at its best with the OliveFluid V-W1 Android mobile .

Connect @ anyplace @ anyway - The OliveFluid Android Mobile allows you to connect with a multitude of connectivity options. 3G connectivity gives you high speed internet on your OliveFluid Android mobile anytime anywhere.
The inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you take advantage of public and home Wi-Fi internet connections. Bluetooth 2.0 gives you the power to share files. So the OliveFluid Android mobile phone gives you the power to choose how you want to stay connected
Android 2.1 Eclair

Android Operating System

When designing the OliveFluid , we wanted to give you functionality and power like never before. That’s why we choose to bundle the goodness of Android in the OliveFluid . The Android operating system with its intuitive and easy to use interface makes using the OliveFluid a piece of cake. A vast number of features and an ever increasing app store (now having more than 200,000 apps) makes this Android Mobile phone a feature packed mini powerhouse. With the OliveFluid , the only limitation is your imagination.

Android MarketPlace

With more than 200,000 apps and growing the Android Marketplace is packed with applications that will make your mobile phone your all in one entertainment device. The Android Marketplace helps you expand your Android mobile phone's potential and makes it an even more powerful and flexible device.

All work and no play makes everyone dull right? With a wide selection of Games from arcade and action games to the racing game and thousands of games to choose from, you are sure to never get bored again.

When it’s time to get serious, the OliveFluid is a trusty companion. Enhance your productivity with uber cool apps that enable you to get more work done in less time.

Make your OliveFluid as unique as you with handy apps that gives you total control of the OliveFluid’s user interface and home screen setup. Apps that gives you additional reasons to doll up your OliveFluid

GPS Turbocharged

Roaming around in circles for an unfamiliar destination is a thing of the past. The Olive Fluid Android phone casts away the fear of the unknown with its built in GPS chip and the mapping genius of Google Maps allowing you to find directions to any place easily. What’s even better is that you can layer your maps with Google Buzz, Terrain, Satellite and Traffic data. You can also see which of your Google Talk friends are around and suggestions for friends around your location. A different kind of navigation with endless possibilities, that’s GPS navigation turbocharged.

3.5 Inch Touch Screen

While lesser mobile phones have puny displays forcing you squint to see anything, the OliveFluid Android mobile phone features a large 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen that gives a comfortable viewing experience without squinting your eyes. Be it WebPages, Photos or Videos, they all come out in stunning detail and clarity leaving you with visuals as true to life as possible.

Social Networking Simplified

Be it tweets, FB status updates or just chatting, the OliveFluid Android mobile connects you to your favourite Social networking sites in a flash. So if you have something interesting to share with world, you don’t have to wait until you reach your desktop pc. Simple Smart and super Cool. The Social Mobile phone for a social you.

Say it with Pictures

Featuring a 3MP camera , the OliveFluid android mobile allows you to capture those special moments of life in amazingly detailed and vibrant photos. If it’s videos you want, the OliveFluid transforms into a video camera at just a gentle touch. So be it crystal clear photos or those wacky videos clips, the OliveFluid Android Mobile does it all.

Dual CameraMusic on demand anytime – Just Play On

The OliveFluid gives you the power to Jam to your favourite tunes no matter where you are. With an external SD memory card support of up to 32GB, you can fit your entire music collection onto this Android mobile phone. Also the 3.5 earphone jack allows you to connect earphones of your choice or if you think wired earphones are too old school, just pair up your Bluetooth earphones and enjoy your music without wires.

Internet IconEmail on the Go

With the OliveFluid, you will never miss an email again. Email is easy to set up on the OliveFluid which requires just a few taps to get your email going. From popular email providers like Gmail to your work email accounts, all of them can be configured easily. The OliveFluid Android mobile phone supports the popular IMAP, POP3 and Microsoft Exchange email technologies. Push mail functionality ensures that you are notified of a new email instantaneously. Combined with an onscreen QWERTY keyboard and a portrait to landscape orientation, the OliveFluid simplifies emails like never before.

High Definition Video RecordingExperience 3G on the move

Still twiddling your thumbs waiting for a website to load? The OliveFluid supports 3G Internet and gives you websites which load with lightning fast speeds. All you have to do is insert a 3G sim into the OliveFluid and you’re good to go. View your favourite websites, catch up on the news, keep track of stock quotes and cricket scores or even watch the latest music videos. It’s possible courtesy the OliveFluid , one of the best 3G phones in India

High Definition Video RecordingProximity Sensor

The smart OliveFluid senses and performs functions in ways you might have never thought of. Using its cool and high tech proximity sensor, it automatically detects when you are on a call and turns off the display to save precious battery life.

Android IconUniversal Search

Constantly trying to remember where you stored that important work email? We know it’s impossible to remember each and every bit of information you have stored on your mobile phone. That’s why the OliveFluid Android mobile comes with built-in Universal search. All you have to do is type your query, and the OliveFluid will fetch information from a multitude of sources like applications, bookmarks, contacts and a lot more.

High Definition Video RecordingMobile TV Courtesy Zenga

Busy schedule making you miss your favourite TV shows? With the OliveFluid, you can catch your TV programs on the move. Featuring a Free six month subscription of Zenga TV covering popular channels like Colors, MTV, UTV Bindass, Headlines Today, you can experience mobile TV on the OliveFluid anytime anywhere. So weather it’s your everyday commute or just to while away time, now your TV follows you wherever you go.