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Social Networking on the Olive 3g Tablet

The Social Tablet for the social you. Need to know if anyone posted comments on your Facebook wall? Or have to catch up with your friend’s latest tweets? The Olive Pad comes loaded with Social Networking applications so that you can remain social wherever you go. Update your social status and tweet from anywhere anytime. Finally a 3G tablet that is as social as you

Twitter on the Olive Pad TabletFacebook on the OlivePad Social Networking Tablet

Instant Messaging and Chatting on the OlivePadInstant messaging

Catching up with old friends or sharing the latest gossip, the Olive Pad supports some amazing instant messaging applications which allow you to chat away online by signing in using your Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo and more IM accounts. But that’s not all. With a front facing VGA camera , in built mic and speakers, you can do a voice chat or a video chat. If you have loved ones abroad, just call them up on Skype and save up on those hefty phone bills. The Olive Pad is as versatile as you want it to be.