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 The OlivePad Android Touchscreen Phone

OlivePad  Android Mobile

Finally a tablet pc that is also a Smartphone

Finally a tablet pc that makes Video* Phone calls too Why make an audio call when you have the ability to see the person you are talking too? After you have used the Video* call feature your life will never be the same again. Go on & try Video* Calls with the OlivePad. The OlivePad comes with built in mobile phone calling features as well. The best part is that it is so simple to use. Just tap in the number using the Olive Pad’s capacitive touch screen and press call. That’s all you have to do get connected. You can also use a Bluetooth headset to remain connected with the OlivePad.

Olive Pad Voice Dialing

Voice Dialing on the Olive Pad

Being constantly on the go, you might not always have your hands free. Not to worry because the OlivePad allows you to dial just by saying the name of your contact using the voice dialing feature. The sensitive inbuilt mic makes sure nothing gets lost in translation. You can also access applications by just calling them out.

Phone Contacts

Supercharge your Phone Contacts

The Olive Pad gives allows you store your contacts in easy, manageable and simple format. But contacts in the OlivePad come with added features which make it more than just a plain Jane list of numbers. The Contacts application allows you to add pictures to your contact so that you can easily make out who is calling. You can add their corporate designations, chat id and email id. The Olive Pad synchronizes your online and offline contacts so that you can choose how you want to stay in touch.

Phone Contact

* Video calling only available via the Internet. You must download a software such as fring on the Olivepad to be able to do video calling