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Your Own Potable Media Player – The OlivePad Tablet

Portable Media Player the Olive Pad

Play MP3 music Anytime Anywhere

Your Music is your personality. That’s why the Olive Pad comes with an in-built music player. Be It the latest Bolly tunes, Hip Hop or the Billboard Top 100, you can listen to your favorite stuff anytime anywhere. The Olive Pad automatically organizes your music according to Artist, Album, Songs and Now Playing so that even the largest music collection is easy to manage. With the Olive Pad’s powerful universal search, you can always find that favorite song and don’t have to browse endlessly through your music collection. Just search it ..and play it.

Play MP3 music on the OlivePad

Groove to the beat

Found a song that you like? All you have to do is tap to play it. The Olive Pad displays the song’s album art when playing so all you have to do is look to know which song is playing. The Olive Pad’s amazing visualization allows you to browse through your music as if flipping through your music collection. Just tap the album you like and start grooving. You can connect your favorite pair or earphones or headphones to enjoy the music via the Olive’s 3.5mm jack. Or if you don’t like messy wires, the Olive Pad comes with Bluetooth 2.0 so you can pair your wireless Bluetooth headphones and jam to the music.

Take you MP3 collection anywhere on the Olive Pad

Got a great collection of tunes? Take them along anywhere. The Olive Pad allows you to simply drag and drop your music collection onto its memory. No irritating proprietary software needed. Or if you have all your songs on a microSD, just pop it into the Olive Pad’s microSD card slot and you’re good to go.