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Mobile Maps powered by Goolge

Never got lost again with the OlivePad GPS Tablet

Struggling to find your way? Going around in circles on a stranger’s direction? Not to worry, the Olive Pad’s GPS sensor combined with Google maps ensures that you never lose your way again. With accurate point to point mapping, you don’t have to worry about reaching an unknown address or destination. Just type in your destination and Google Maps plots your course. Simple, Smart and Effective

GPS Navigation on the OlivePad
Find your destination with the OlivePad GPS Navigator

Unfamiliar adress? Visiting far away relatives? Don’t worry. All you have to do is type in your current location and your destination location. The Olive Pad’s mapping software automatically calculates a route for you

Automatic GPS route calculation on the Olive Tablet

The route is highlighted on the map so that you never loose track of your destination location. The Olive Pad places a a marker on your starting and ending locations.Simple effective and smart.

The Olive Pad also gives you turn by turn directions so that you never have to take a wrong turn again. The Olive Pad takes out the fear of the unknown and lets you explore places you never knew where there.


Point to point GPS Navigation on the Olive TabletOlivePad GPS Map Layers

Need more info on your maps?

The OlivePad mapping application uses layers to give you information when you need it anytime anywhere. All you have to do is select the layer you want. There are 6 layers to choose from which include Traffic, Satellite, Terrain, Google Buzz and Driving Directions. In case you need more the Olive Pad gives you an option of more layers. Whatever your need for information, the Olive Pad combines information with location in a way that is seamless, informative and entertaining. Experience GPS like never before.