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Surf the Net with the OlivePad Internet Tablet

OlivePad Internet Tablet

Say Hello to a whole new way of net surfing

The Olive Pad is designed to put the power of the net in the palm of your hands. View WebPages in their full glory. No more squinting and scrolling. With Olive Pad’s wide 7” TFT and superfast webpage rendering, the Internet looks just like it does on your desktop computer but with versatility and mobility unmatched by any device. View WebPages in portrait or landscape mode by tilting the Olive pad left or right. The WebPages automatically resize to fit the screen intelligently. With compatibility for a 3G SIM and WiFi connectivity, you get the web wherever you want it at the flick of a finger.

Olive Pad Mobile Internet Device

Just Flick to browse

Navigating your favorite websites is easy using the Olive Pad. Just flick through your bookmarks and tap the one you want to go to. To scroll through the page, use that lovely finger to swipe across vertically or horizontally and you can scroll through even a large webpage with minimum fuss and effort. With a crisp multi touch, you can pinch to zoom. If you need to zoom in fast, just double tap the section, and the Olive Pad zooms that section of the page.

Multimedia Tablet OlivePadSurf at the Speed of Light

The Olive Pad come packed with the latest technology built in. With the Olive Pad supporting a 3G slot, you can enjoy blazing fast speeds with an internet service provider of your choice. If there is Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, a few simple steps and you can get connected to a Wi-FI network courtesy of the 802.11g/b standard the Olive comes preloaded with. With the fantastic browser, WebPages truly come to life with a vivid multimedia experience giving you the full version of the internet without any shortcuts.