• Overview
  • Internet Browser
  • Email
  • Ebook
  • Phone
  • Photos
  • Video
  • YouTube
  • Social Networking
  • Camera + Video Camera
  • Music Player
  • Map
  • Office Documents
  • Games
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Home Screen

Customized Home Screen

Home Screen

One tap access to your favorite apps

Where all the good things start
The Olive Pad home screen gives you all your favorite applications at a glance. You to open an application all you have to do is tap. You can also customize your home screen by adding the apps you like. If there are some apps you use regularly, then you can have them on your home screen so that you have one tap access. All you have to do is drag the app from the menu to the home screen. The Olive Pad automatically reconfigures and changes the menus for you

Multiple Home Screens

You can’t really have too much of good thing. How about 4 home screens then?  The Olive Pad allows you to set up upto 4 home screens with different apps on different home screens.  Add your favorite apps and website bookmarks and just swipe through your screens. Simple, Customizable and totally unique

Use your favorite Photo as a Wallpaper

Got a photo you love? Guess what, you can use your favorite photo as wallpaper. After all since you are unique, shouldn’t your Olive Pad also be?