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Your very own Gaming Console, the OlivePad

Games on OlivePadTired of work? Just tap to Play

If you want some adrenalin rush shoot down that enemy plane or if you want to engage in some brain stimulation then why not play some chess. Whichever way you want, you can play some amazing games on the OlivePad. Gaming becomes fun with games using the OlivePad’s in built G sensor (gravity sensor). So all you have to do to go left or right is just tilt the OlivePad left or right.

Warning: Playing games on the OlivePad can get seriously addictive!

Android Games on the OlivePad

Want more games? Download it from the Android Market

The Android Market offers loads and loads of games for you to choose from. From the simple and all time favourite games of Solitaire, Sudoku to action packed games such as car racing, fighting etc.