• Overview
  • Internet Browser
  • Email
  • Ebook
  • Phone
  • Photos
  • Video
  • YouTube
  • Social Networking
  • Camera + Video Camera
  • Music Player
  • Map
  • Office Documents
  • Games
  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Home Screen

Photo Gallery on the OlivePad Tablet PC

Photos on Olive Pad Tablet PC


With the Olive Pad’s intuitive multi touch screen, you can interact with your photos like never before. You can pinch them to zoom and flick to browse. An interface that allows you to go through your photos just like you would in a normal photo album. The Olive Pad’s photo gallery arranges photos into a neat grid layout. If you like an album, just tap it and the album flies out arranging the pictures for you to browse. To view a picture, just tap it and it opens to fill the screen

The OlivePad PC Photo Gallery

Share your Photos and Memories on the Olive Pad

Went on that vacation you always wanted? Then why not share those great snaps with your friends. The Olive Pad allows you to share great photos right from the image gallery itself. Share your images in Twitter, Facebook, Gmail , Picasa or even send it an MMS. After all good things are mean to be shared, right?

Do more with your pictures

If you want edit your photos, you can rotate or crop them. You can also set an image as your wallpaper or as an image to one of your contacts. The Olive Pad gives the power to do more with your images anytime anywhere.

Transfer Photos from or to your Olive Pad easily

Why keep great memories locked up? The Olive pad come with a built in mini usb connector which allows you to transfer you pictures onto the Olive Pad. With an easy drag and drop interface, transferring photos to your Olive Pad is as easy as ABC. Just connect the Olive Pad with your computer and it is recognized as a mass storage device. After that just drag and drop your photos. Simple, fast and effective.

The Olive Pad Touchscreen with Camera

Click amazing pictures

Forgot your camera at home? No problem if you have the Olive Pad with you. The Olive Pad also comes with a front facing VGA camera and a back facing 3 megapixel camera which allows you to snap clear, vivid pictures and create everlasting memories. Click it, share it , love it