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Mobile Email on the OlivePad Tablet

Internet Browsing

Need to type out a mail?
No problem

The Olive Pad comes with a QWERTY on screen keyboard. The sensitive capacitive Touchscreen makes typing out long emails a breeze. Just tap on the mail and to reply and the smart on screen keyboard comes up. The built in gravity sensor can switch the keyboard from portrait to landscape just at a sideways turn. Being a smart tablet it automatically suggests corrects your words so that you can concentrate on just typing. Smarter than your average mobile phone? You bet



Internet Browsing

Your email like it should be. Simple, Fast and Mobile

Unlike other mobile devices, the Olive Pad’s wide 7” Capacitive Touchscreen allows you to view your email in an easy to look at format which is just like you see it on your desktop.
No more squinting and no more scrolling at your mails trying to make sense of what’s written. With a widescreen view, the Olive Pad allows you to view a lot of your mail at a glance so you can get through your mail fast.

Internet Browsing

Send, receive and open attachments

Be it Powerpoint Presentations, Images, MS-Word or MS-Excel spreadsheets the Olive Pad allows you to open it all. The Olive Pad comes preloaded with DataWiz Documents to go and supports most popular file formats and images. If you want to view an image or file, you can do so straight from the email. You can also save your attachments for viewing later. Smart isn’t it?

Configure Upto 4 Email Accounts

Got more than one email account? Not a problem, configuring email accounts in the Olive Pad is thankfully not rocket science. The 3G Olive Pad supports most of the popular email providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. It also supports IMAP and POP email technologies. So all you need is an email , follow a few simple steps and you are good to go. Simply feed you email account details and the Olive Pad takes over. The Olive Pad makes email uncomplicated, fast and super easy to use.