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Read Ebooks on the OlivePad with the Ebook Reader

A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend. ~Author Unknown

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader on the OlivePad

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge, read amazing stories and get lost in your own world of books. The OlivePad comes preloaded with the Aldiko Ebook reader or you can choose to download the Amazon Kindle from the Android Marketplace. With loads of ebooks available you can choose the ebook that interests you the most.

Your downloaded ebooks get neatly arranged on your virtual bookshelf so anytime you want to read, just tap on that ebook and it magically flips open.

Aldiko Ebook Reader on the Olive Pad

Reading Ebooks is Simple, Smart & Fast

Confused about which book to download? The Aldiko Ebook app (or the Amazon Kindle app) gives you lots of categories to choose from. So If there is a category you like just tap it to get the ebook you like. You might just discover a good book you never knew of otherwise.

Olive Pad Touchscreen Ebook Tablet

Read your EBooks in a new light

With a 7” TFT Capacitive WVGA display, reading books on the OlivePad is so similar to reading a normal book but with added features. Books look beautiful in the OlivePad’s state of the art crisp and bright screen. Unlike a normal book you can view your ebooks the way you want to. You can choose to view ebooks in either landscape or portrait mode. All you have to do to switch modes is to turn your OlivePad left or right and the inbuilt gravity sensor does the rest.

eBook Reader

If you don’t like the font size, you can change it. You can also zoom in and out by just pinching. The OlivePad’s multitouch touch screen takes care of the rest. If you want to look up a word, you can use the OlivePad’s Internet Browser to Google it up or do a Wikipedia search. Olive Pad combines the simplicity of reading books with the power of technology in a seamless natural way.