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So what is Android?

Android for its pretty futuristic sounding name is an operating system developed for mobile devices. It handles everything from the way you use your Olive Pad to its applications and programs. Based on Linux , the Android OS with its large community of developers and more than 100,000 applications, has emerged as the second most popular mobile development platform and hence a popular mobile device OS. Also according to Gartner Research, 2012 Android is projected to be one of the top cell phone platforms worldwide.
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So what’s great about Android?

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  • Totally customizable and easy to use- the Android OS offers you a range of customizable options so that your Olive Pad is unlike any else. With multiple home screens, numerous apps library, drag and drop widgets your Olive Pad Tablet is always unique just like you.
  • Huge applications support – With more than 100,000 applications to choose from in different categories like Finance, Entertainment and Games, you can expand your Olive Pad’s capability and do more with it.
  • Multitasking – The Android OS on the Olivepad allows you to run multiple applications easily and efficiently without slowing down the Olive Pad. So whether you want to listen to music while surfing the Internet or watch a YouTube video while working on Office documents it’s all possible thanks to the powerful Android OS.
  • Constant Updates and added functionality – with the current Éclair update to Android, turn by turn navigation and Google Maps functionality comes built- in. Also you get full corporate email exchange out of the box. So whether its GPS Maps or Emails, the Olive Pad takes it all in its stride courtesy of the Android OS.

Improvements of Android 2.2 over Android 2.1

  • Improved JavaScript rendering - 2-3x faster performance
  • Install applications on SD card
  • Switch quickly between multiple keyboard languages
  • Use phone as a portable hotspot
  • Automatically update all the applications in one click