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The Olive Zipbook is a rather good package and a worthy condenter in the netbook race. The built-in modem is a plus and it is affordable at Rs 18,000.

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Mar 30, 2010
We like this product for the simple addition of the inbuilt modem, and the fact that the other areas of performance can stand up to the big foreign brands...

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Feb 25, 2010
Score : 4/5

Olive Zipbook X107h Mini Laptop

Inbuilt 3G Modem - India's first netbook which has an inbuilt 3G modem. You don't have to purchase a Tata Photon USB stick separately to get connected to the Internet. That's a saving of Rs 3500 straight away. More importantly because the modem is built into the netbook there is no risk of breaking the modem when you are careless. Research has indicated that our inbuilt modem is up to 10% faster than an external USB modem.
Super Light & Thin - At a mere 1.1Kg the Olive zipbook (Mini Laptop) is your passport to portability. It can travel with you in your handbag, briefcase or even in your hands in place of that outdated diary that you carry (yes that's right it virtually fits in the palm of your hand).
Preloaded Windows XP - While most of the other manufacturers only provide the Linux operating system. The Olive zipbook comes bundled with WIN XP operating system now thats a bonus worth an extra Rs 4000.
Preloaded Windows Live - allows user various applications under one umbrella. E.g. Sky Drive allows you to store the files you need online & share them with the people you choose. Photos - Post your favourite shots online that only people you choose can see. Online office allows you to store & share your business documents onliine.
Webcam - Did you want to talk to your girlfriend while you are out of town? An inbuilt web camera so that you can video chat anytime anywhere
Reliability - At the heart of our netbook is a genuine Intel Atom processor.
Storage - With a 160GB hard drive our netbook offers tons of storage for all your videos, photos, music and more...

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